Passion is key and essential to doing anything exceptionally well.  I have had passion for many things but at the front has always been writing.  Since my teens I have been writing short stories, poems, articles, interviews and novels.  Also being a musician I have written many lyrics.

I just love words.  I love what they can do.  How they can activate the imagination and evoke emotions.

I have 20 years of sales experience in various telecommunications companies and this too is beneficial to my advertising copywriting ability because I know how important the proper communication of product information and benefits are.

I believe the perfect life is one that allows you to do what you love everyday.  Combine your passion with your talent and you will not only have a joyous life but you will produce exceptional work.  And thus my ability to create exceptional copywriting, be it content, social media, straight to email, print ads, radio scripts or any other copy you may need.

Allow me to show you…



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